January 5, 2011

giving up the juice

I have a bit of a shocking confession... I am giving up caffeine.  Crazy, I know. But I drink way too much of it and it's unhealthy. Seriously I drink it ALL. DAY. LONG. So I am going to try to slowly ween myself off.   Is there such thing as coffee rehab? I get a major headache if I don't get enough.  I think that means I have a problem. The first step is to admit it. Right now I am down to 2 cups a day and then I switch to water. A helpful tip I learned is drinking hot water with lemon.  It almost fools me into thinking that I have coffee in that mug on my desk.  Until I take a sip. Whatever- the mug makes me feel better.  So with out further ado.  Here is a photo montage in loving memory of the beautiful relationship that coffee and I once had. 

Just so you know, I am dying over the hello kitty coffee!!!

images found via weheartit

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  1. Cute pics on this blog. I especially love the Kate Spade bow shoes!