August 13, 2010

Open for business

After a short hiatus, Amelie's Paperie is up and running again with a new vision and wedding invitation collection.  Lets start with the vision.  When I first opened my little shop on Etsy I mainly focused on Wedding Invitations.  I work in the wedding industry (in my real life) so it is something that I know very well and something I am passionate about.  On a whim I put up some old art work I had lying in my basement from my college days (sadly the last time I had made time to paint) and what do you know...they sold! As you can imagine I was very excited.  I had never sold any piece of art I had ever done.  So I decided that instead of solely focusing on  invitation and paper goods I would turn my shop in to a paper store/ gallery and boutique for accessories and home goods.  Now bear with me, this is going to take some time to get of the ground but I have a million ideas swirling around inside my head and I can't wait to get back to my oil paints. 

Now for the invitations.  The new invitation line was inspired by doodling.  It is simple and sweet, bold and modern.  I love it.  Hope you do too.   

I still have a few more to photograph and get online but I am so happy with the way the collection came out. What do you think?  I've already started working on my Winter 2010 invitation collection.    Thanks for looking. Kate

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