November 22, 2010

glitter shoes: diy

Sparkly shoes seem to be all the rage this season.  All the high end designers seem to have gone glitter crazy and I am loving it! I have been lusting over that pair of Kate Spade's for months now. 

Since I do not have the money to splurge on these babies I thought I might try my hand at a little DIY.  It was a bit more time consuming than I thought (there is a lot of layering and waiting for things to dry) but the results are totally worth is.  Check it out:

Step 1
Start out with a boring old pair of shoes that need a little makeover.
Flats or heels will work. 
I got my shoes from Target forever ago. 

Step 2
Cover the shoe entirely with Elmer's white glue.

Step 3
I mixed lots of different colors together to get the effect I wanted but they are mostly pink.

Step 4
Repeat steps 2 and 3 until the shoes are thoroughly covered.
Allow each layer to dry in between coats.
I did 3.

Step 5
Let the last layer dry really well. 
I let mine dry over night.
 Paint a layer of polyurethane over the glitter and let dry 3-4 hours.
This seals in the glitter so you don't leave a trail behind you everywhere you go.
(as cool as that sounds)

Step 6
Apply one more layer of polyurethane for good luck.
Let dry over night. 


Wear your new shoes with pride.  I plan on basing my whole holiday wardrobe around these shoes.  What goes with pink glitter.....


  1. Excellent tutorial! I'm definitely going to try this with a pair of flats. Have you had any problems with the glitter flaking at all in the bendable parts of the shoes, or does the poly seal it in completely?

  2. The heels i used we not very "fabric-y", they are pretty stiff faux leather so i don't anticipate any problems with the glitter flaking off.

  3. They are so pretty.
    I'm thinking I need a pair of red ones.
    Thank you for the tutorial.

    love love,
    Fritzi Marie

  4. these are gorgeous!

    i love fritzi marie's idea about making red ones.

  5. Oh my GOSH! I so in LOVE!
    I wanted to pink toms for my daughter, but she has a pair of vintage with canvas know what I think..YEP they are becoming PINK!!!!
    Can I blogabout it on my blog?
    totally get it if not, but I WOULD love too..all credit to you.

  6. do you know how this would work on patent leather? i'm thinking of altering my comfy platforms for my wedding by adding glitter.

  7. Thanks for the tutorial, just glittered my first pair of shoes and they are fantastic! Saved them from a trip to goodwill and will be a great addition to my summer wardrobe.

  8. Has anyone tried canvas and had good luck? I am planning on glittering a pair of wedge slides (peeptoe) from payless for myself for my wedding and for my daughter (the flowergirl!!!) I'm just nervous as they are that cavas like cloth...

  9. I am a nurse and I did this to my old danskos. Love it!